Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ontario League of Justice - Day 3 (late post)

Our panel did not have to go in front of a judge so I literally received a get out of jail card. No courtroom drama for me!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ontario League of Justice - Day 2

Another non-event in the jury selection waiting room. Arrived at 9:30, waited, then told to go home by 12:30 or so. I have to go back again tomorrow.

Sometimes I like looking at the universe with rose coloured glasses, so I am listing the best parts (so far) about my juror experience:

1.  I get to sleep in until 6 AM, do my workout, and leave the house at 8:30 AM. Usually, I'm at work by 7 AM-ish... I am loving the extra sleep time and bonus workout hours.

2.  The 9 AM subway rush hour crowd is definitely different from the 7 AM crowd. My conclusion: going to work early is best.

3.  I am not in meetings ALL THE TIME. 

4.  I get to respond to urgent emails only. I am not reachable by instant message. I still receive an average of 100-150 emails per day, but whatev, at least I'm not in meetings.

5.  I get to delegate a LOT because I am physically not in the office :o)

6.  I can re-read books that I've purchased before getting a library card. I am reading "Blackfly Season" by Giles Blunt, one of my favorite authors. He is Canadian and most of his books are set in Algonquin, which we visited in the summer.

7.  I am home at a reasonable time which allows me to cook dinner (if I wanted to :o)

8.  I have time to do a blog entry!

That's it so far, I will keep thinking about the good parts re. this experience. Day 3 tomorrow!


1.  I finally found the real food court at the Eaton Centre! I remembered I used to go there all the time when I was young and a punk and thinking I am Jenny from the Block. It's still right off the Dundas entrance at lower level. Below H&M (which used to be Sears). They definitely did a makeover but the oldies are still around (KFC, A&W, Tim's, etc). Some new food joints thrown in but all in all the same. The garbage area is called - get this - "Collection Station" hahaha. I'm going to use that term now every time I need to find the garbage.  "Excuse me... do you know where the Collection Station is??"

2.  I have concluded that there are subway crazies regardless of what time you're riding the subway, or the line that you are in. Today there was a guy who was walking in the train grunting and doing martial art moves and he STOPPED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and I closed my eyes and I mentally walked through the self-defense move that I would do in case he decides to bother me, which is to pretty much kick him in the groin and possibly break his windpipe, Jason Bourne style. This was on the Yonge-University-Spadina line.

3.  The second crazy was on the Bloor-Danforth line. This dude had a whole joint rolling system on his lap. Rolling joints while rapping at the top of his lungs. I just ignored him, but no lie I was trying to understand if I can recognize the song he was rapping. I didn't, it wasn't 90s hip hop as I would hope, so not only is he a loser, but he also has bad taste in music.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Ontario League of Justice - Day 1

Oddly, I have been selected to be on a jury selection panel. It starts this week. It's kinda interesting, but at the same time, annoying, since my work will pile up while I'm at the courthouse.

I have romanticized courtrooms and the legal system for so long now. I've been reading John Grisham since I was a rebellious angry teenager, and I have a ton of fave legal (legal-ish?) movies like A Few Good Men, My Cousin Vinny (ha ha), the Devil's Advocate (of course), The Firm, The Pelican Brief... you name it, I've probably watched it.

I know Canadian courts are not similar to the ones in the US. Do you think I'll get in trouble if I yell out "OBJECTION, YOUR HONOUR!"? Or "DEATH PENALTY!"

Today was just a whole lot of waiting around until your panel gets called. My panel didn't get called yet, so I have to go back tomorrow. The most interesting part of my day was trying to find the food court at the Eaton Centre during lunch hour - which is from 1-2 pm by the way (annoying). They have changed the whole food court setup at the mall! Fuck! Yes they had "healthier" selections and even a Ramen shop, but I can't eat Ramen until Friday.

I ended up buying a salad from Freshii. Oaxaca salad, no rice, and a can of very exotic Fresca.

Anyone reading this blog entry hoping to find helpful hints about being summoned as a juror and what to expect will not find this write up helpful at all. Maybe I'll write something better tomorrow.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

I sold my WaterRower in less than 20 hours

and I am very saaaaaaaaaad about it.  I had multiple offers too.

But I'm working out using weights + doing lots of yoga and it's working for me.

That doesn't make me any less depressed.

Here was my ad on Kijiji, now deleted. Congrats to AF for a very good purchase and a super easy transaction.


Reluctantly Selling WaterRower Natural (Ash/Red/Danish Oil)

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My love affair with the WaterRower Classic started in early 2015 after a running injury helped me discover House of Cards. After researching the devastatingly medieval looking exercise equipment, I got my hands on one as soon as possible. 

Eight months later, only gently used, it graces my living room tall and proud (moved temporarily to the office/library to make way for the stupid christmas tree). It's an art gallery worthy piece and offers an a** kicking 20 minute work out, even more if you're the over achiever type. It is super silent, perfect for your late night or early morning espionage training. Close your eyes and it's as if you're rowing down the River Thames. 

I have the training, caring and exercise DVD to go with it, along with the manual, warranty card and chlorine tab. It also includes the Series 4 performance monitor. 

A hip injury is forcing me to break up with my love. Take it from me before I change my mind. WaterRowers retail for atleast $1500 CAD... go ahead and Google it. I won't part with this masterpiece for for less than $1000. 

You will need a van or pickup to pick it up. A strong manly man will help you load it into your vehicle. 


In Use: Length - 82.25” / 209 cm, Width - 22.25” / 57 cm, Height - 20” / 51 cm 

Stored: Depth - 20” / 51 cm, Width - 22.25” / 57 cm, Height - 82.25” / 209 cm 

Weight: 66.5 lbs / 30.5 kg (dry), 103.5 lb / 47 kg (17 l of water)